Sep 23, 2010 · The Synology May have a different IP handed out to it and you were using a browser shortcut (eg. was but now Try running a network scanner to see where it is. Or look at your routers connected clients in the router webmin
Nov 19, 2013 · Here is the tricky part, because every router is configured differently. I own a router, so it is the one I will use for this guide. I am using a static IP address to connect to the internet, so lets look at how to do this: Configure an static IP address for your NAS. 1. First you need to access the admin page of the router.

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Let's say your synology is named nas1 and you are using the account admin. Change the username credential on the server connecting to the NAS to: nas1\admin and use the password as setup on the nas. If you setup AD/LDAP sync in the DSM control panel, the fileshares will not ask you for credentials after that.
Synology You Are Not Authorized To Login To This Diskstation. So be careful while editing registry entries and device is infallible. The aztech is as good as DOA-CMI Those get preferential pricing Ds Photo You Are Not Authorized To Use This Service had a Synology NAS for almost a year now. Mobile Intake Classes 2017!

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Log Select the events that you want the Access Point to keep a log. Unauthorized Login Attempt. If you want to receive alert logs about any unauthorized login attempts, click the checkbox. Authorized Login. If you want to log authorized logins, click the checkbox.
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The error message is, "You are not authorized to log in to this Synology Router. Please contact admin for authorization." There is nothing in the VPN Plus Server user log, which seems like an obvious oversight. This seems to be a relatively new problem, but hopefully this diagnosis helps somebody work around the issue.
Centralize data storage and backup, streamline file collaboration, optimize video management, and secure network deployment to facilitate data management.

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I have this Synology DS411+II connected to the server. When I try to login don let me go in. It says that I am not authorized. But When I log in through the console ...
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When setting up the DNS, it points to the first device which touches your internet connection, so in most cases the router, regardless of where you setup the DNS service. So using the DNS you setup will point to the router, but you still shouldn't be able to see your router login page.

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Jun 19, 2012 · Synology support was able to log in to our server remotely and determined the issue was not on their end - And, after an two hours with AT&T support they determined that it wasn't on their end either.

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Installing the Certificate Secure services Setting up HTTPS Installing the Certificate Important note: In this guide, we'll use as an example name. When you complete CSR code generation and SSL activation, and download the corresponding certificate files to your account, they will be named after your own website. Step 1: Security Panel Log ..Read more

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